Blood and Interesting Information about it

Mainly in the human body running blood red liquid that circulates in our veins and arteries, which makes human life is the time it stops the rotation ends.Blood circulation mainly of various nutrients and cells in our body from one location to another location, which is part
of the delivery is derived from the energy balance of our body.In addition to protecting the body from infection plays an important role in the system.This is also an attribute of a blood clot caused by having the ability to heal wounds is perfect. Take blood in the human
body consists of cells Big half.The cells were divided into three parts specialist medicine red cells, white cells and platelets is called. These cells formed in the bone marrow are different.Red cells carry oxygen throughout the body of the white cells as the main weapon against the emission of substances irregular work and the ability of platelets to clot blood cells are equal.The remaining amount of the blood called plasma that is yellow.Ninety percent of plasma, plasma proteins and other substances are found the three most important blood circulation to the body’s cells.Red particles can be stored up to forty-two days, five days, platelets and plasma, when the proper temperature is maintained for a year.The temperature of the blood in the bag for safe keeping to be between two and six degrees Celsius identifies itself.


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