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mobile friendly website

17/06/15In today’s mobile users is good news for Google.We guess today it is very common for our coming generations to be mobile.It identifies itself with and we try our blog / website to submit to Google so they can be seen easily in Mobile.To make your website mobile friendly have to follow the instructions below. Making website Responsive After you ... Read More »

How do I install WordPress Plugins

22/05/15WordPress plugins to perform a particular task is used in wordpress plugins is very special. There are all sorts plugins help build a Web site.plugins the bottom are installed in the site. 1 . Go to wordpress deshboard and click plugins.   2. Click the add new  button.   3.  Search plugins.   4. Click Install. Read More »

How To Creat A Free Blogspot Website

creat a free blogger

1/12/16Step By Step Guide Blogger 1 Step First you have to create a gmail account which you will log in to Blogger.com 2 Step nNow click a New Blog and write a title and blog address and select template and then click creat a blog. For Example First post in New Blog 3 Step Click a New Post then write ... Read More »

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