What Is Google Analytics Tools and How It Work

In fact, with the help of which we google analytics tool traffic coming to your website,Geographic,and other important information tracks.You have to login to Google account and put it in your site’s tracking this blogger Eddie has to get the settings.If you want to track wordpress site tools analytics property shall so you’ll get a Source code in the body tag wordpress footer will take some time to find the results.Analytics tool to be used in this option is the protagonist of three notes and use them well, you can track your website.

google analytics tools



In a second option deshboards data is being Send invites you. You visitors number of new, old visitors numbers, their location, their device information is provided to you.

Real Time

In this option, you are told how visitors then you are on the site where they came from seeing how topic.


visitors option audience in ages, their language, their gender and visitors country can know, their networks, and can learn about the browser.

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