Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tools and Shot Key.

Pen Tools

With the help of this tool can image the best and clean cutting.

Crop Tools

This tool will help you cut or eliminate the image can spare.

Clone Stamp Tools

With the help of this tool can extract an image copy of the full or half.

Adobe-Photoshop-CS6 Tools And ShotKey

 Shot Key Of Adobe Photoshop CS6

  1. New                                    Ctrl+N
  2. Save                                   Ctrl+S
  3. Undo                                 Ctrl+Z
  4. Copy                                  Ctrl+C
  5. Paste                                  Ctrl+V
  6.  All                                      Ctrl+A
  7. Deselect                            Ctrl+D
  8. Reselect                            Shift+Ctrl+D
  9. Zoom In                            Ctrl++
  10. Zoom Out                         Ctrl+-
  11. Fit On Screen                 Ctrl+0
  12. Image Size                      Alt+Ctrl+I
  13. Copy Image                   Alt+Move
  14. Crop                                  Alt+I P
  15. Roler                                 Ctrl+R
  16. Front Colour                  Alt+Delete
  17. Background Colour    Ctrl+Delete

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