Urticaria Amount of Body Histamine Born Disease Progression

Urticaria information

Skin is the largest organ of the human body.There are some skin diseases that can affect the entire body.Urticaria is a skin disease, which is painful and dangerous.Medical experts do not yet know the causes of the disease and completely different reasons,but research is ongoing.Most experts say it is not a conviction,but a kind of disease is early error,the treatment of which can be several reasons for this.However, they still did not know medical science.According to experts of different types of allergic diseases of the skin and cause allergy is the underlying cause of the disease.This may pose disease at any age.However, most people 20 or 40 years,the disease affects the skin.Most people find it ‘Urticaria’ or ‘hives’ call.But the difference between them.Most of these skin problems are common symptoms and causes,and therefore it is difficult to distinguish them.


Medical experts said the research is the main cause of this disease in the body called Histamine substance abuse and other biological elements in the body by the skin emits.In the lower part of the skin material through the blood vessels are affected,the skin of which he seems to look red and swollen and often causes discomfort.With this disease,the arteries in the skin tissue are also affected,which causes swelling and itching on the skin.Some experts say the disease is also a cause of the water and the sun.Urticaria anaphylaxis called a dangerous allergy.This is a very dangerous disease,which can be intensified if the patient’s life.The red marks on the skin of a patient in pain,irritation and discontent is felt.The patient is suffering from low blood pressure.Common allergic disease in this patient also has to keep an eye on their routines However,it should know the cause and the cause can be treated.Urticaria patient food and other goods used to fully appreciate the environment in which to be born because the disease may be hidden.Urticaria patients feel on the skin itchy and red marks on parts of the skin affected by the disease begin to appear.The affected part of the skin, panting sounds and it proves painful. The red mark and swelling may occur on any part of the body.Including the lips and eyes.

Urticaria pop-red mark on the skin could be finished within six weeks,but if not,it is a sign of the severity of the problem has become Urticaria.In case the patient requires more attention and care.If you do not remove the red mark within six weeks then immediately consult a specialist.According to medical experts,more men than women are affected by this disease.Urticaria mental and emotional stress in addition to increasing the intensity of hot weather can interrupt one percent of the world population is infected.

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