What is Lymph Node Syndrome and What Risk

Lymph Node Syndrome Details

Timely lymph node syndrome, is a disease which if untreated can cause heart problems. According to medical experts have reddish skin with a high fever, rash, cracking of the lips, and dryness of the parent bank identifies itself rjuh specialist.The symptoms of high fever for several days, and itching of skin color change in the child’s chest, lower abdomen and pubic inflammation, eye redness, pain in the throat with a tongue to be red, the palms and soles also include red marks appear.In the second stage, the disease seems to be entering a child vomiting and abdominal pain in the joints of the body complains. After various tests in a specialist can diagnose the disease. Kauasa it’s syndrome is also known.

Lymph Node Syndrome

According to medical experts, children who suffered fever is very high. Remains constant for at least five days. Timely treatment after diagnosis is very easily possible. But just in case the infection is the cause of heart disease.This disease is caused by infection of the heart and blood vessels and spreads quickly begs. Kawasaki’s wrong with the heart, blood vessels causing inflammation in the muscle and heart palpitations can be used on this can damage.

The disease usually one to five years of age affects children. The doctor for the diagnosis of various medical tests rely on. According to experts, in some cases the symptoms of the disease do not appear complete.Specialist with high and persistent fever or rash changes
quickly in the event try to do it quickly, the patient is not suffering from Kawasaki syndrome.The majority of infected children who belong to Japan and Korea.This is why the experts are there to connect to the environment. But it was not to be the finalword.Experts know that with this disease causes stemming from the research are engaged in other physical complications. Medical science pose any bacteria or virus causing the disease is considered.

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