WordPress Over all Dashboard introduction and Tutorials In Urdu/Hindi

WordPress Over All Introduction

WordPress is a best platfoam to chooes most Web designer and devolper and useage simple and helpful.in this post i will teach us full wordpress over all introduction and usage.


This is menu you can see how to add new post,edit post,categories post and tags.


In this option you can create a new page and add articles,pictures,video and post to page.


in this option you can see all comments who are pending,approved comment,spam comment and trash comments.


in this option you can see themes and change themes all over websites and costomize themes as you like designe using php coding.change widgets and drop and drags and costomize menu and editor option use php languages and change it.


plugins are helpfull to your websites and diffrent plugins are already installed in your wordpress and you can add new plugins in wordpress and delete other plugins as you don,t like.


in this option you can see your profile and add new admin who post in your website and costumize all over websites.


in this option you can import other data in your website and export our data in your computer


and the last option is settings in this option you can see general settings,reading setting,writing setting and other more important setting you can change and sets.


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